The International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) is launching the Slab MoistureTesting Technician Certification, Grade I, the association's first complete certification program. The program has two tiers.Tier 1 applicants are those who are not regularly engaged in moisture testing, yet are interested in learning more about the tests, what the tests mean, and how they should be performed. Tier 1 includes a three-houreducational session, a written exam, and a training session. Those who complete Tier1 and pass the exam will be issued an ICRI Letter of Achievement.

Tier 2 applicants are those who have applied for full certifi cation. Tier 2 consists ofthe same three-hour educational session,a written exam, and a field testing performance exam. A Slab Moisture Testing Technician Certification, Grade I certificationwill be issued to those who successfully demonstratethe knowledge and ability to properly perform and record the results of each of the four field moisture tests on hardened concrete. Those who pass both the written and field testing exams will receive a certifi -cate and a wallet registration card.

There will be six sessions throughout the nation, from June to November. For more details, visit