The U.S. Green Concrete Council (USGCC) has released a Spanish CD-ROM version of its bestselling book, "The Sustainable Concrete Guide - Strategies and Examples," available for purchase through the American Concrete Institute (ACI).

The first-ever comprehensive resource on concrete and sustainability, "The Sustainable Concrete Guide - Strategies and Examples" provides insight on specific strategies for the best use of concrete in high-performance, long-lasting, green buildings. Included in the guide are case studies, technical data and references, and numerous practices that can be implemented immediately. The guide is divided into three parts.

Part 1 of the guide includes information on "Concrete Basics for Sustainability," which outlines the uses of concrete as the most widely used building material in the world.

Part 2 of the guide is titled "Considerations for Best Use of Concrete for Sustainable Structures," and it contains 11 chapters on specific uses of concrete for sustainable structures. Topics include:

  • Chapter 1 - Carbon footprint
  • Chapter 2 - Thermal transmission
  • Chapter 3 - Thermal mass and storage
  • Chapter 4 - Longevity and service life
  • Chapter 5 - Stormwater management
  • Chapter 6 - Human factors and the living/working environment
  • Chapter 7 - Safety and security
  • Chapter 8 - Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Chapter 9 - Economic impact
  • Chapter 10 - Resilience with climate change
  • Chapter 11 - Compatibility with other innovative sustainability strategies

Part 3 of the guide, titled "Beyond Sustainable Rating Systems: Project Profiles," features 12 specific construction projects throughout the U.S.; all of which utilize sustainable concrete practices and techniques. Included are profiles of three specific types of structures: parking structures and parking lots; single-family and multi-family residential structures; and commercial, institutional, and industrial structures.

The guide is authored by Andrea J. Schokker, professor and head of the civil engineering department at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Schokker is a member of the Board of Direction for the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and is active in many ACI committees including Joint ACI-ASCE Committee 423, Prestressed Concrete, and a subcommittee of Committee 318, Structural Concrete Building Code. She is the chair of ACI Committee 130, Sustainability of Concrete.

To order, call ACI at 248-848-3800 or click here.