The concrete industry's Strategic Development Council's (SDC) upcoming Session #28 meeting is this fall. The meeting will be held in Plymouth, Mich., at St. John's Hotel, Golf, and Conference Center on Oct. 7–8 2010.

Topics will concentrate on issues currently facing the concrete industry, including:

  • Assuring proper ACI standards are available for energy design and construction by working with the National Institution of Standards and Technology, Department of Energy, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to open paths for funding and increase standard developments.
  • Continuing SDC's Building Information Modeling (BIM) initiative with a roadmap of how to apply specific tactics to assure concrete design and construction can be successfully included into BIM models.
  • An update of ACI's activity with the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed rules on fly ash.
  • Potential of nanotechnology in the concrete industry.
  • Innovative products and technologies that could possibly transform the concrete market.

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