A study by the NRMCA Research Laboratory compares the properties of concrete mixtures optimized for performance that may not comply with typical prescriptive provisions in specifications for concrete construction.

The Prescription to Performance (P2P) Initiative has been identified by concrete producers as an important initiative that will elevate the quality of concrete construction by providing qualified concrete producers the opportunity to use their expertise to optimize concrete mixtures for intended performance of concrete structures.

One of the goals of the P2P Initiative has been to develop technical data that demonstrate the benefits of performance-based specifications that could be used to support changes in codes and specifications.

This study addresses three cases:

  • Concrete Floor Slab Construction
  • Concrete Bridge Deck Construction using high performance concrete (HPC)
  • An evaluation of the current prescriptive provisions for durability in ACI 318 “Building Code for Structural Concrete.”

It compares concrete mixtures according to the current typical prescriptive specifications or code requirements and demonstrates the benefits by developing concrete mixtures to intended performance criteria.

Concrete mixtures were prepared according to prescriptive requirements of an example specification for each application and compared with mixtures that satisfy the intended performance attributes. Fresh and hardened concrete properties were measured and compared. This comparison demonstrates the benefits and optimization of concrete mixtures for performance over prescriptive provisions. Funding for the study was provided by the RMC Research Foundation.

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