Concrete Construction Online recently surveyed concrete industry professionals, asking them which concern would cause them "the most sleepless nights in 2006." While there was no outright winner, nearly 20 percent of those polled cited a "lack of good employees" as their foremost concern.

Other top finishers on the list of concerns were "high prices on materials" and "low prices for your work," each cited by over 10 percent of the survey respondents. A "lack of work" was the concern of another 9 percent.

Lack of good employees: 19.1 percent
High prices on materials: 11.8 percent
Low prices for your work: 10.3 percent
Lack of work: 8.8 percent
Other: 7.4 percent
Material availability: 5.9 percent
Poor competitors: 5.9 percent
Maintaining quality: 5.9 percent
Maintaining productivity: 4.4 percent
Too much work: 4.4 percent
Jobsite safety: 4.4 percent
Strong competitors: 4.4 percent
Customer relationships: 2.9 percent
Low margins: 1.5 percent
Change orders: 1.5 percent
Insurance prices: 1.5 percent
Obtaining bonds: 0.0 percent