Concrete Construction's sister site, The Concrete Producer, published a survey it conducted on how those in the industry feel about the current state of the industry. TCP also talking with experts on the trends facing the industry.

Overall spending on construction has reached $961 billion and is at its highest since 2008. This marks the first time in nearly a decade that there was significant growth in all areas of construction: private, public, residential and non residential. This continued growth is in spite of the construction industry waiting on government approval for public infrastructure spending year after year.

Despite the good news, the industry still has a lot to overcome. "Financing for (capital expenditures) will be producers' biggest challenge over the next two to three years," said Pierre Villere, president and managing partner of Allen-Villere Partners, on the economic outlook. TCP readers reflected that same sentiment in this year's survey.

To learn more about what concerns the industry, the full survey conducted by TCP, along with analysis from experts, click here.