This week marks Holder Construction’s first visit to Leica’s annual Hexagon conference in Las Vegas. All week long I’ll be hearing about layout, scanning, surveying, BIM, and everything in between. Being my first non-BIM related conference, I’m excited to see what it’s all about. That said, I can’t pretend I’m not initially interested in some of classes tying BIM and HDS (High Definition Surveying) together. There’s over 15 BIM focused classes this year, but I’m especially interested in the following:

Session 9209: University Development of Prototypes to Compare and Facilitate LiDAR and EDM Technologies for Planar Construction Component Prefabrication

One of the two speakers in this session, Paul Holley, has lead the charge with drywall “prefabrication” through the use of HDS to minimize what can be an inefficient, messy process: drywall installation. The instrument of choice is a 3D Disto which we hope to look into further on our own.

Session 9120: Our Experience as a Contractor with Scanning for BIM Utilizing Leica CloudWorx for Revit

I’ve seen a preview images of this class and I’m really curious to hear more about CloudWorx – something we need to look into more. Part of the presentation is focused on a skin renovation on a local project here in Atlanta, something I’ve drove past many times and am curious how they’re using point clouds to better the process.

Session 9119: Swedish Parliament: 5,000 HDS Scans for BIM; Our Experience with CloudWorx for Revit (9119)

What doesn’t sound cool about this? I’m always interested to hear about international work, especially when it involves Revit and HDS scans.

Zack Creach is a senior engineer for Holder Construction in Atlanta.