I'm back from Las Vegas with lots of photos, notes, and business cards. The whole thing was fantastic and it happened in a blur. One of the first things that struck me was how large the conference was. The keynotes were probably the best indicator – people on all sides of the room with a near packed house.

General Keynote

I attended two different keynotes – a general keynote with the whole group (above) and then a separate Geosystems keynote with a nice spotlight on BIM, courtesy of Cathi Hayes. It was really cool to see our logos and images on the big screen.

Geosystems keynote with BIM spotlight

The Geosystems keynote announced the Nova MS50 – a “one box” instrument that is both a total station and laser scanner. Here’s the video that explains it better than I could:

Features aside, this "one box" concept solves a really simple problem: owning multiple instruments. The ideal setup for layout is a total station for control and a separate laser scanner for sending back what’s been built. Combining the two is an obvious gain in efficiency.

Zack Creach is a senior engineer for Holder Construction in Atlanta.