CyBe Construction, Deutch start up concrete team, has reached a major milestone this year as they have completed tests with two 3D printed concrete formworks made using their 3Dconcrete printer, the CyBe R 3Dp, a 3 meter tall 3Dprinter which is compatible with different type of nozzles. These formworks can potentially be embedded core structures as well as be used to build 3D printed viaducts and roads in the future.

The concrete produced using CyBe's mortar is a valuable product as it can form bearable structures within several minutes and has a hydration process that takes less than 24 hours. Both the concrete and formworks are a type of lost formwork:

The digital models of the formworks were designed using CyBe CHYSEL splicing software. In order to optimize the 3Dformwork and make sure it could withstand the pressure of the inner poured concrete, the company used its CyBe CONSTRUCT tool. Once the models were printed on the CyBe R 3Dp, the successful tests took place to explore the technology’s potential for civil engineering (road and hydraulic construction).

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