It might not be ideal for couch potatoes, but a new concrete sofa project tests the limits of what can be done with concrete and a 3D printer. The project is an example of innovations from the Con3D Consortium– three Spanish companies: Prodintec, an additive manufacturing and design firm; Coprosa, a large construction firm headquartered in Asturias, Spain; and Tudela Veguín, a global leader in the production of cement and lime. The presented recently at a conference and according to

The project, the first of its kind in Spain, and one of the first globally, could transform the way we construct buildings, making them safer, quicker to produce, and ultimately more affordable ... Although the consortium has not stated when this technology will be available for the construction industry, we are told that it is not just a technology meant for lab use, it’s completely industrializable and they intend to do just that.

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