In the old days they used to say in the world of business, "Build a better mousetrap- and the world will beat a path to your door." That's not entirely true today. With the development of high-powered advertising in powerful communications media of today- television, radio, slick magazines, newspapers and direct mail- an inferior mousetrap can often be foisted on the buying public. Such appears to the case with concrete, the "king" of construction materials. One of the greatest possible applications of concrete, which is always the most surprising to the uninformed public, is in the mass production of high-quality, low-cost housing. During the sixth annual convention of the American Society of Concrete Constructors, the author said, " John Q. Public simply does not understand or comprehend the great technological advances that have been made with concrete. His experience with concrete is mainly limited to sidewalks, foundations, and basement floors- often the poorest examples of concrete workmanship. He does not have any inkling of concrete's great durability, fire resistance, economy, availability, and flexibility of design and use- particularly in the critical housing field." In short, they have a better mousetrap but the world is not beating a path to their door. They realize now that they must go out and shout their story to the public. Toward that end I, the ASCC and the entire concrete industry will be striving in the dawning days of the Systems Building age!