Reinforcement information can be shown graphically or in tabular schedules
Reinforcement information can be shown graphically or in tabular schedules

ADAPT-PT/RC 2015 is efficient, reliable, fast, and easy-to-use 2D software for the analysis, design, and investigation of any concrete project. It supports concrete beams, pan joist, one-way and two-way slabs systems that are conventionally reinforced (RC) and/or post-tensioned (PT). This latest release streamlines the process of completing your projects even further by automating the process of rebar curtailment and presenting rebar information in a format that is construction document ready.

Imagine the benefit of only maintaining one software and learning one workflow for all PT & RC beam and slab designs. ADAPT-PT/RC is designed for engineers that need the flexibility of designing both types of projects efficiently, without the added hassle and cost of maintaining multiple software licenses.

New Features & Improvements
The main feature of the 2015 release is the introduction of advanced mild reinforcement curtailment rules and rebar spacing checks. These capabilities greatly improve the workflow of producing beam schedules and continue to make ADAPT-PT/RC the most popular and productive software solution for the design of post-tensioned structures.

Added features include:
• Rebar curtailment feature for explicit definition of provided or calculated mild reinforcement
• Rebar scheduling feature to XLS format
• Brazilian and Singapore EC2 Annex codes added
• Windows 10 compatibility for 32-bit and 64-bit machines
• Rebar spacing check with displayed number of rebar layers
• User can define span labels in Span Geometry input and summary
• P/A and As required info displayed on summary sheet
• 1.4*DL Default load combination added
• Bug fixes and More!


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