Argos became the first in the U.S. to pour concrete manufactured with recycled carbon dioxide, producing the mix with CarbonCure's carbon dioxide recycling technology. Argos, a leading concrete and cement manufacturer, had been incorporating CarbonCure technology into certain mixes for several weeks.

Argos and CarbonCure are both taking pride in being innovators as the concrete industry strives to become more sustainable:

CarbonCure’s technology uses carbon dioxide gas captured from the smokestacks of industrial emitters to improve the compressive strength of ready mixed concrete. CarbonCure has announced a series of partnerships with ready mixed concrete producers across the United States. Argos is the first producer in the U.S. to deliver ready mixed concrete that incorporates CarbonCure’s technology to a construction site. The CarbonCure technology has been available in the concrete masonry industry since 2012.

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