Is that what you think of BIM? More correctly known as Building Information Modeling, BIM has lots of people pushing for its adoption across the architecture, engineering, construction & operations (AECO) industry. One of the biggest problems seems to be getting to a standardized data format rather than the proprietary model that now exists. This prevents data from flowing as smoothly as it needs to for BIM to really soar.

A recent article in Architect magazine (published by Hanley Wood which also publishes Concrete Construction) describes the efforts being made to harmonize the system and create a standard format that all software developers would follow. Bringing along the construction industry, it is hoped, would help to reverse the dismal productivity decline in construction labor. Construction productivity has decreased by 15% since 1964 while productivity in manufacturing has increased 150% over that same period.

Certainly construction productivity is more difficult to achieve than in a more controlled factory setting but we need to begin adopting things like BIM and lean construction to move our business forward.