Last month, Concrete Construction surveyed its readership to gauge their level of concern regarding a variety of important concrete industry issues. Here's what they had to say.

  • The most paramount concern among industry professionals was dealing with poorly designed concrete projects, with 80% of respondents saying they were "very" concerned. 17.3% of respondents said they were somewhat concerned.
  • In the matter of the training of future concrete craftsmen and supervisors, 69.3% of respondents said it was a matter of very serious concern, while 29.3% said they were somewhat concerned.
  • Industry professionals also expressed trepidation in the area of maintaining a consistent level of quality on fast-track construction, with 68.9% of those surveyed professing that they were very concerned and 28.4% saying they were at least somewhat concerned.
  • The issue of immigrant labor was of significant importance to professionals in the field. 56% of those polled expressed serious concern, another 30.7% expressing that it was somewhat serious.
  • The implementation of decorative concrete technique was less important to professionals. 34.7% of readers saw it as a serious matter, while 42.7% telling us that it was at least of some importance.
  • Of still diminished importance was the issue of buying concrete using performance specifications (P2P). One third of respondents regarded it as a very critical issue, while 44% admitted to some passing concern.