“Not to be trite, but this is a game changer.”

The speaker: Architect, building information modeling (BIM) pioneer and Leica Geosystems strategy leader Cathi Hayes on what the BIM revolution means to concrete contractors.

“BIM has revolutionized construction industry communication. Data, specifically digital data, is the new operating language for architects, structural engineers, general contractors and the constructions trades – specifically concrete contractors,” Hayes observes.

“I never imagined the BIM transformation would come this far, this fast,” Hayes says.

A long-time BIM advocate, Hayes is now helping lead the charge at Leica Geosystems with a solution called the BIM Field Trip.

The BIM Field Trip re-imagines how construction workflow runs with an elegant two-way data exchange:
• Bring reality to BIM
• Bring BIM to reality

“The business benefits to the concrete contractor are impressive,” Hayes says about the BIM Field Trip. “Consider a BIM-enabled layout. Now concrete contractors can finally retire the plumb bob and measuring tape in favor of digital precision, speed and economy. Instead of a three- or four-person survey team, a single person now does the same work with superior results.

“Imagine you’re a concrete contractor making as-built comparisons with the BIM (building information model) in real-time. No delays. No hassles. Suddenly as-built deltas can be precisely evaluated and modified, if need be, on the fly. You know what extra project velocity means to schedules, budgeting and heading-off downstream coordination issues.”

Hayes illustrates how early field BIM adopters are dramatically moving the performance needle. She cites a series of projects, from the iconic One World Trade Center in Manhattan to work from respected contractors Frazier Masonry in southern California, Holder Construction Group in Atlanta, GA and T.U. Parks in Chattanooga, TN as prime examples of the Leica Geosystems BIM Field Trip at work.

“No one disputes BIM’s coordination, layout and QC power. But job site enablement has been the sticking point. How do you move BIM past pre-construction the construction office? The BIM Field Trip clears the last hurdle with a proven, surprisingly affordable solution,” Hayes reports.

So, the question: Is this the time to make your BIM move?

“I completely understand why some concrete contractors might hesitate,” Hayes continues. “To them, I say judge BIM enablement for yourself. The team at Frazier Masonry had the same tough questions about BIM-budgeting, upgrade path and learning curve that most do. Frazier loved how we tailored a solution that works for their level of BIM adoption, budget, timeline and team.

“Let’s face it. It’s no longer about if. It’s all about when with BIM. There’s never been a better time to consider your BIM options.”

Cathi Hayes is an architect, building information modeling (BIM) pioneer and strategy leader. Today she drives BIM adoption throughout the North American construction industry with Leica Geosystems hardware and software solutions. Her duties include the development and implementation of short- and long-term BIM marketing strategies. She also serves as the voice of Leica Geosystems in the construction industry’s growing BIM conversation. Cathi holds degrees from North Carolina State (BEDA Architecture) and the University of Kansas (PBA).