As resilience becomes an increasingly important priority in residential construction –  especially in areas prone to hurricanes and flooding – concrete is getting serious attention as a high-tech option. According to reports, Lee Arsenault is the first builder in Northeast Florida to build homes using structural concrete-insulated panel components. The Financial News & Daily Record recently profiled his latest project,  Madeira, a master-planned community near St. Augustine, Fla.

According to the report:

The introduction of SCIP to the market also kicks off Durabild Solutions Inc., a Westside firm that will supply the components and provide installation services to residential and commercial builders in the Jacksonville area.

Jim Arsenault, a former business developer for commercial construction and brother of Lee Arsenault, is president of Durabild.

“I think people, especially engineering-types, are going to fall in love with this,” he said. “It’s a house that will last forever.”

The lightweight SCIP panel is made up of an expanded polystyrene core, sandwiched between two layers of galvanized steel wire mesh. At the jobsite, a high-strength 4,000-per-square-inch mortar is sprayed onto each side of the panels to create concrete walls, slabs and roofs.

It creates a tight building envelope, which means homes can use a smaller A/C system and utility bills are lower. It also creates an almost monolithic structure.

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