Work more cost-efficiently with BEUS
Until now the so-called knead bag test has been applied to determine the set time of concrete. In this method a plastic bag is filled with a small amount of concrete and tested at different time intervals measuring from when the concrete cannot be pressed in by your thumb anymore. This method is very subjective and uncertain, which is why the time determined in accordance with DIN 18218 must be extended by 25%. BEUS is an ultrasonic device used to accurately determine the set time and takes the guesswork out of the process.

Stop guessing, know for certain!
The device operates on the principle of an ultrasonic sensor sending a measurement signal that bounces off a concrete cube, with the reflected signal varying depending on the hydration of the concrete. This method has the advantage that the results are user independent and reproducible. The time determined this way does not need to be increased by a certainty factor. In practice this means the formwork can be removed earlier, and used for other jobs. In addition, taking the permissible formwork pressure into account, the maximum speed at which the concrete may be filled into the formwork can be determined.

Suitable for everyday use
In the development of the device, riese electronic gmbh attached great importance to ensuring that it is suitable for use both on construction sites and in-house operations. The device is embedded in a sturdy transport box and weighs only 12 kg. BEUS can be connected to an external AC power grid or powered by batteries. BEUS can be used to investigate all cementitious mineral materials with all aggregates, additives and admixtures.

To determine the set time formwork measuring 15 x 15 x 15 cm is filled with the concrete, then by pressing two buttons the measurement is made automatically in real time, allowing for a faster, more cost-efficient operation.

riese electronic gmbh.

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