ProEst software integrates all of the construction components required to bid a job and produces an estimate with efficiency and speed. Large and small builders, contractors, and subcontractors find the database useful because it can be customized. And the San Diego-based company, Construction Management Software (CMS), knows the importance of providing a good support system for its customers.

“By customizing you can build your own assembly, like a wall system or a floor system. It allows you to calculate multiple materials at the same time,” says Jeffrey Gerardi, president. For instance, when you build rebar, mortar, and blocks into an assembly and then enter the total lineal footage and the height of a wall into the database, the output document generates exactly how much rebar, concrete, and labor are necessary. The user-defined program can be tailored to an insulating concrete form homebuilder or any of the various concrete homebuilding methods. Its flexibility allows estimating the lower half of a home using concrete and the upper half using wood.

The ProEst program flexibility makes it accurate estimating software for builders of concrete homes.
The ProEst program flexibility makes it accurate estimating software for builders of concrete homes.

ProEst helps clients create their own programs. The software is the framework in which the program is developed. Clients who have tried to build programs themselves find that ProEst is easier and has greater capacity. Lennar Corporation, Miami, a large U.S. homebuilder that previously outsourced its estimating, now uses ProEst. Deciding factors for Jeff Lee, the construction material estimator, were ProEst's ability to create assemblies that allowed quick generation of information and also the training offered by CMS. “Each week the trainer would make sure I was comfortable with material we had covered. If I wasn't, we would spend extra time on a segment to make sure I understood everything before moving on. This was a great way to learn, and I developed a rapport with the CMS staff,” says Lee.

If your company has several estimators, using a centralized database and standardizing information will result in more accurate bidding in less time. Some systems, like foundation systems, have slab assemblies built into the program. Enter the lineal footage and the depth of the foundation, and the program calculates rebar, wire mesh, and concrete. The footings are built in. When measurements are entered, the program calculates materials, forms, and labor. With information supplied by the contractor (total number of labor hours and the specific labor necessary to do the work) the contractor can construct a crew and bid a job with cost efficiency. ProEst has partnerships with accounting systems such as QuickBooks that can cost-account jobs using the specific estimating information. This enables you to track the actual hours against the estimated quantities. It can also generate the invoice.

The price range for this Windows-based program is from $995 for customers who have a digitizer and up to $5000 where more hardware is required. Over 6500 clients use ProEst software and 40% of those are in residential construction. For more information go to