A team of researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is developing a new concrete, with a revised mixture of 20% steel shavings and carbon, that can safely melt snow. EDN's Amy Norcross reports on this new concrete which warms up with a power sources as minimal as a household outlet.

Chris Tuan, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln civil engineering professor, states that while it's not realistic to use the concrete on an entire road at this point, it can be used certain locations where there are always ice and potholes. The concrete is being shown by the research team at the Federal Aviation Administration and will be used at the tarmac of a major airport if they are satisfied with the results:

Tuan explains the FAA is more interested in the conductive concrete’s use to keep tarmacs clear for planes’ service vehicles—luggage carriers, food and fuel deliveries, and trash removal—than it is in replacing entire runways. The reasoning is that keeping these vehicles moving would significantly reduce the number of weather-related delays at airports.

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