After successful trials in Minnesota and California, Next Generation Concrete Surface (NGCS) also known as "Quiet Grind" and "Grind and Groove," is being called "the first new concrete texture introduced in the last 20 years."  The new surface texture was designed specifically to reduce road noise and according to a report in Journal of Commerce:

New surface patterns were developed and tested at the Tire Pavement Test Apparatus at Indiana's Purdue University ... researchers settled on 36 different test patterns that were put through their paces under controlled laboratory conditions. A diamond grinder would grind and groove sections of concrete, which would then be placed on the test apparatus as tires rolled against the surface while noise measurements were taken.

"In order to get the quietest pavement possible, you first have to develop the smoothest pavement, and the planes on the NGCS are perfectly smooth," said [Terry Kraemer, president of both the IGGA and Minnesota-based Diamond Surface Inc., a road surfacing company].

Other states are planning to incorporate the technology once specifications are approved. Could NGCS work in your area? Read More