The new Hilti Green rotating laser PR 3-HVSG provides up to four times better visibility and a finer, more accurate line compared to a conventional red beam, ensuring better range of vision over longer distances.

Built with Hilti quality the PR 3-HVSG is equipped with shock absorbing casing designed to endure tough conditions. Specifically engineered with the customer’s environment in mind, each laser features four shock-absorbing handles and an advanced internal damping system that helps safeguard from drops at standard working tripod height (3 ft./1m) to free fall (4 ft./1.5m).

With an accuracy of +/- 1/16 inch at 33 ft and an operating range (with laser receiver) of up to 100 ft and a diameter of 7 ft-492 ft this rotating laser is great for applications such as transferring reference heights, leveling suspended ceilings, positioning drywall tracks, installation of pipes and cables trays.

Each tool comes standard with a 12V battery pack and charger to provide each customer 16 hours of continuous working time and only 30 minutes to fully charge. Convenient accessories for the PR 3-HVSG include a wall mount bracket (PRA72), green laser receiver (PRA 20G), target plate (PRA 54), IR Remote Control (PRA 2) and crank tripod (PUA 32). When mounted in the wall bracket or on the tripod, the PR 3-HVSG allows many jobs to be handled by one person using the remote control as a laser receiver.

The improved durability and ease of use, combined with all essential functions required, makes this rotating laser a must have for tough jobsite environments, where accuracy is of importance.

Hilti, Inc.

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