A wise construction leader uses production information to determine a crew's efficiency. When properly educated on what performance numbers mean, even an hourly laborer can benefit by recognizing acceptable or nonacceptable work.

Capturing and entering the information can be cumbersome. Progressive firms prepare job estimates and job proposals on the computer. Many of the same companies use a different software system to record actual material and labor costs. Often they use a third software system to schedule work production, such as job scheduling or project management, or to retain important customer information (contact management).

Companies following this multisystem approach may literally enter the same information two or three times, resulting in errors and inaccuracies. Owners, superintendents, and supervisors who have little confidence in the accuracy of the numbers soon may stop using them to make decisions.

With fully integrated software, your organization can enter important information that is that is easily accessible.

Begin today by looking for the integrated system best for your firm, and let the software start to provide you with the information that will enable you to make better and more profitable decisions.