AR2000 uses precise measurement circuitry to produce highly accurate results.
Schmitt Industries, Inc., a leading US manufacturer of laser distance meters under the Acuity product brand, announces availability of the AR 2000 line, with special capabilities for distance measurement on hot surfaces, e.g. red hot, glowing steel, and for outdoor use in bright lighting conditions with high constant or stray light levels.

The AR2000 laser has the capability to measure hot targets up to 2,400 degrees F, within a range of up to 550 yards (500 meters), with an absolute measurement accuracy of 1 mm and a measurement frequency of up to 100 Hz. For convenient data display and parameterization, Acuity AR2000 sensors are equipped with an OLED display and touch keys. Due to their standard interfaces, Acuity sensors are optimized for easy integration into industrial automation and measurement systems.

“The typical laser distance measuring device has trouble achieving a reliable measurement when the object is either extremely hot or brightly illuminated,” said Joe Miller, Acuity Sales Manager. “AR2000 uses highly precise measurement circuitry to produce highly accurate results.”

The AR2000 is built to be rugged for industrial applications in harsh environments. The sensor comes standard with RS232, RS422, RS485 and 4-20 mAmp outputs. Options include internal heater and sunscreen for outdoor uses. The sensor also has its own built in display that can be used to program the laser and take measurements without the use of an external display or PC.

Schmitt Industries, Inc.

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