Notarius’ digital signature and Smart-Use’s revision solution are uniting to strengthen and boost the digitization of the overall collaboration, annotation, and authentication process for plans and drawings.

Whereas the area of consulting engineering is progressively focused/moving towards a digital world to increase productivity and reduce paper consumption, two major players in the construction software industry are joining together to bring a unique solution for the processing of PDF files, from creation/generation/output to signature.

Smart-use and its 55-inch touch-screen table make it finally possible to annotate and revise PDF plans in real-life dimensions without ever having to print them. Notarius for its part completely eliminate the need to print any plan by providing the engineer with the ability to sign and seal plans with the same legal validity as with paper.

“The goal is to continuously improve the speed and ease of execution while promoting/furthering/favouring sustainable and ecological solutions,” explains Philippe Roizot, Sales Director of Smart-Use. “Notarius allows for a significant lightening of the authentication process in the lifecycle of documents,” adds Claude Charpentier, General Manager at Notarius.

The Notarius digital signature will now be directly available on the Smart-Use platform, thereby letting the user avoid having to reopen a PDF file in a new window.

From this strategic partnership comes the merging of the digital process. The user can apply their seal to a drawing in real-life dimensions displayed on a touch-screen digital drawing table.

The individual/respective success of Smart-Use and Notarius in the field and the fluidity of this new solution suggest that engineering and construction companies will adopt it readily which should, logically, significantly drive down the consumption of paper and its related costs (printing, shipping, handling, and archiving).

Notarius’ digital signature will be fully integrated into the Smart-Use solution as of November 15, 2012. Pricing structures and systems will continue to be independent. “There will be no change to pricing on either side. This was one of our shared priorities which will enable a very rapid integration/implementation with our current clients we have in common,” states Philippe Roizot.

Notarius issues and manages trusted digital signature since 1998 to members of 14 professional associations so that each can sign electronic documents and grant them the same legal validity as any document signed by hand.

Smart-Use is an intuitive and collaborative solution that enables the handling, annotation, comparison, measuring, and sharing of PDF plans on touch screens of small or large sizes.