Concrete masonry provides a home with superior comfort, solidity, durability, resistance to natural disasters, quietness, and energy efficiency. They offer both the home buyer and the home builder a superior alternative to wood-frame walls at a very competitive price.

What's Really Valued

Homeowners want the strength, beauty, and cost efficiency of solid masonry construction. Are you building on the attitudes of today's home buyers? Look at the facts. When asked about priorities for their homes, homeowners ranked durability first—followed by initial cost and appearance. Masonry construction delivers all the features and attributes homeowners value most. From disaster-resistance to innovative design flexibility, the solid strength and cost-efficient comfort of today's distinctive masonry accommodates your customers' needs beautifully.

Strength And Durability

When you consider the importance home buyers place on durability, masonry provides solid value. From concrete block above-grade walls to brick veneer, the versatility of masonry can add strength and longevity to any home.

A Solid Investment

Building with masonry can benefit your bottom line. More of today's home buyers realize its value—inside and out. In fact, market research studies conducted by the Portland Cement Association have shown homeowners are willing to spend more for a home that offers resistance to fire and natural disasters. The durable performance of masonry also may be reflected in reduced premiums by some insurance companies. With lifetime cost-effectiveness, masonry-built homes offer greater market appeal—benefits that represent a sound investment for you and your customers.

  • Comparable initial costs to traditional frame homes
  • Low maintenance—no need to paint
  • Resistance to insects and rotting
  • Durability against natural disasters and fire
  • Year-round energy efficiency

Energy-Efficient Environment

Houses built with masonry materials can help improve energy efficiency. From brick to concrete block, masonry offers thermal advantages over traditional frame construction. With the ability to provide thermal storage, concrete masonry absorbs heat more slowly and retains it longer. This maintains the interior walls at slightly warmer temperatures when it's coldest outdoors, and keeps the house cooler when the outdoor temperature is hottest. When peak heating and cooling loads are evened out, homeowners can achieve a comfortable environment with more consistent control over energy costs.

Distinctive Beauty Inside and Out

The face of masonry has dramatically changed. Beyond yesterday's classic brick and block, today's masonry construction offers home buyers all the advantages of durability with endless possibilities for imaginative design. With a versatile choice of colors, shapes, and textures, masonry creates distinctive interiors and exteriors. From traditional to trendsetting, masonry materials can convey a wide range of styles that add beauty and curb appeal.

Resistance Against Disasters

Time and again, homes built with masonry have demonstrated structural integrity against natural disasters. From the strength to withstand storms to durability in resisting fires, investigations have confirmed that masonry structures perform will when facing extreme elements.

Flexible Design Options

No matter what your target market, design possibilities with masonry virtually are limitless. Whether combining concrete masonry or clay brick with colored mortar, or creating a distinctive look with stucco over concrete masonry, you can achieve an infinite range of architectural shapes and effects—from rustic to elegant. Evoke traditional warmth with a masonry fireplace. Build detailing into front porches. Add style and luxury to back patios. Creative use of masonry elements can mimic the past, update the present, or innovate the future.

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