Schwing America has converted its paint coating system to the new Valspar Duraspar Industrial Performance (IP) coatings and intermix system from The Valspar Corporation, a global coatings leader. Headquartered in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, Schwing America is the first production facility to use the fully commercialized Valspar Intermix system.

The 400,000 square-foot manufacturing plant builds concrete pumps and truck mixers that are distributed in North America. When Schwing decided to change coatings, the team conducted a rigorous selection process, starting with coating durability tests from five different manufacturers. Mark Moschkau, Schwing’s director of operations, reported that Valspar’s Duraspar coating received the highest performance levels in the test. In addition, Moschkau said, “Valspar’s coating sprayed on easily and provided effective edge coverage, so minimal touchup was required. The coverage, gloss and depth was excellent. Our units look great and have a sheen that mirrors a plastic coating. We’re very, very pleased.”

Jason Bolz, Valspar Global Product Director, described how the Duraspar IP coating has been specifically formulated for the needs of the industrial marketplace. “By combining the aesthetics of automotive paints with the rugged performance of industrial coatings, Duraspar IP is designed to withstand the daily rigors of harsh outdoor operating environments,” said Bolz. “The coating not only looks great, but delivers better edge coverage and corrosion protection. And, for customers looking for maximum flexibility in color mixing, they can literally paint the ‘rainbow’ with our paint system by mixing any standard or custom color onsite in a range of volumes.”

Moschkau described the challenge to find a coating that can stand up to the harshest construction environments. “Our pumps and mixers are exposed to weather, chemicals, dust, dirt and flying debris and a daily high-pressure wash to keep the equipment clean and that really puts a coating to the test,” he said. “Not only does the Duraspar IP system maintain its durability, it’s also a beautiful paint. That was one big reason why we switched to Valspar. Our equipment looks fantastic, and our customers immediately saw the difference when we debuted the new coating at World of Concrete this year.”

Schwing is currently installing a second Valspar Duraspar intermix system at the Concrete Pump Repair (CPR), a Schwing company in North Branch, Minnesota, that repaints, repairs, refurbishes, retrucks and resells concrete pumps.

Schwing America