The mission for Archdale, N.C.-based Ace/Avant Concrete Construction Co. Inc. is to use the latest technology and methods in order to provide its clients with superior concrete construction solutions and maintain the utmost quality, efficiency, and integrity. So when the company needed to select a software solution to manage its key operations, management didn’t take the decision lightly.

Serving the southeastern United States, Ace/Avant had used a local vendor’s software product for its accounting processes. However, as an older technology, it had limited functionality and inadequate customization capabilities. “We needed new technology that would be sustainable, flexible, and scalable as we grow,” explains Luke Estola, accounting manager for Ace/Avant. “We evaluated five different construction-specific accounting solutions before making our decision.”

After the in-depth review, the concrete contractor selected Maxwell Systems ProContractorMX to manage the company’s finances. “ProContractorMX offers the flexibility to handle different situations that will grow with our business. We have not integrated all of our processes and still use a lot of paper, but as we update our processes, we need a solution that will help us get there and can handle future requirements.”

The software package is a complete solution contractors can leverage from takeoff and estimating through job-cost accounting and project management, and ultimately for reporting, analysis, and decision making. Furthermore, the solution offers capabilities tailored to the needs of concrete contractors.

The Financial Management component brings together everything from accounts payable, general ledger, project costing, payroll, and purchase orders into a seamless solution. Plus, the software provides accurate audit trails and helps ensure the necessary controls are in place.

“The ability to look back at our historical data, easily print out reports, and export to spreadsheets and PDFs is very useful,” says Estola. “ProContractorMX provides us with much better controls than what we had before.” For example, Ace/Avant can no longer post an item to a project cost account if it doesn’t belong to a project, helping ensure accuracy.

“The customer support team at Maxwell Systems has been very responsive to our requests,” adds Estola. “Even though we are new users of ProContractorMX, we already can see many benefits of the solution, such as the ability to directly post burdens to specific projects, generate overhead allocation, and the report writing and modifying tools. ProContractorMX will be extremely beneficial to the efficiency of our operations and our bottom line.”

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