StratusVue enables collaboration through the cloud (PRNewsFoto/StratusVue)
StratusVue enables collaboration through the cloud (PRNewsFoto/StratusVue)

McShane Construction Co., a national provider of design/build and build-to-suit construction services, has successfully implemented StratusVue's PlansandSpecs solution to increase collaboration and drive efficiency across the McShane enterprise.

"We were looking to update our technology in a way that would improve how our teams communicate and manage projects," said Jeff Raday, president of McShane Construction. "We were losing precious time by using antiquated and disconnected systems to do things like distribute documents, record project activities, and obtain approvals. We needed something more modern that could provide consistency, and StratusVue fit the bill perfectly."

StratusVue's fully integrated cloud-based software suite streamlines project and document management tasks for construction managers such as McShane throughout the pre-construction and construction phases of a project. By creating a central online hub for all contract documentation, StratusVue improves accessibility and transparency for all project stakeholders. The PlansandSpecs module provides straightforward tools and workflows that improve productivity during construction. Future plans at McShane include the implementation of BidVue, which is used to manage the bidding process with subcontractors.

"PlansandSpecs provides us with a common platform that has helped to standardize our operations across multiple locations," said Raday. "We've experienced improved collaboration and organization, which gives us better access to information and allows us to work more quickly than before. The StratusVue team has also provided great support to ensure that we're getting the results we need."

"It has been a pleasure for us to work closely with a high quality company such as McShane and bring them into our user community," said John Goecke, president of StratusVue. "We are committed to supporting their current operations across the country, and to helping enable their exciting growth plans moving forward by offering the highest levels of service and support in the industry."


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