A mechanical engineering student at Baylor University of Texas, Alex Le Roux, revealed the second version of his home built concrete 3D printer. The printer would be used to print large-scale concrete components that would be added to larger construction projects.

The future of concrete 3D printer technology is endless. Soon, one could build a house out of a 3D printer. Le Roux’s newest version of the 3D concrete printer is able to print fully solid and detailed prints that just need to be air dried, like any other standard concrete. It then needs to be finished off with insulation, a process that is typical.

Using a 3D concrete printer to print large, freestanding concrete structures would be a huge improvement from having to pour concrete into complicated molds, allow time to let them dry, and then putting them into place. Using the 3D printer could reduce construction time and be more cost effective. 

The key to understanding the usefulness of Le Roux’s printer is to not think of it as a large electronic device and start imagining it as a piece of construction equipment. The device was designed to be dismantled and then reassembled quickly, so it is simple to transport directly to a construction job site, and set up in about thirty minutes.

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