Machine technology has come a long way in a short period of time. Not only is technology more effective and more reliable, it’s incredibly user friendly. What you may have originally viewed as too complicated is now simple and intuitive.

Diagnostic technology integrated into every Cat machine provides real-time information that can help you track your equipment, optimize its utilization, and manage fuel and maintenance costs.

Equipment Management Solutions
To learn more about the benefits of Cat Equipment Management Solutions (EMSolutions), view the five-tiered service levels that follow. EMSolutions is supported by world-class technologies that collect data directly from your machines, so you can be confident you’re making informed business decisions based on solid data.

Level 1: Access
EMSolutions starts by making sure you’re connected with Product Link and its user-friendly Web interface, VisionLink. Product Link is integrated with the Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) on your machines to collect and deliver valuable information that helps you.

Level 2: Inform
Connecting and putting the technology to work are just the beginning. Delivering the technology payoff comes in two key areas, Asset Management and Lower Costs.

Level 3: Advise
A dedicated Condition Monitoring Advisor provides valuable advice and expert recommendations about equipment maintenance, utilization and repair. These recommendations work hand-in-hand with a comprehensive condition-monitoring program.

Level 4: Support
Performing regular and timely maintenance lowers your owning and operating costs. Equipment maintenance and repair services are the best way to ensure your maintenance is performed correctly and on time

Level 5: Manage
When you involve us in fleet management, you’ll benefit from the expertise and resources of a global leader.

Do-It-Once Grade Control
AccuGrade – This Laser Grade Control System can improve the accuracy and productivity of grading and excavating equipment by as much as 50 percent compared to conventional methods.

SITECH – Caterpillar and Trimble have teamed up to provide machine control systems, as well as Trimble’s portfolio of Connected Site solutions that enable contractors to lower operating costs and improve productivity, accuracy and safety. You can rely on us for revolutionary technology solutions that combine digital design data, in-cab operator guidance and automatic blade controls that enhance grading accuracy and virtually eliminate the need for survey stakes.


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