The BCC 100 construction camera by Brinno can show daily progress on any projects in construction, home improvement, landscaping, or designing that consumers may have going on. The time lapse video construction camera is the effortless way to record any projects with a time lapse video recorded at any rate you want, and played back at any rate you want when the project is done.

The BCC 100 is worker-friendly and can be set up anywhere to capture video at a 140 degree angle. It is completely dust-proof and includes a water-resistant housing so it can easily be mounted anywhere outdoors. The BCC 100 will turn 8 hours of time-lapsed pictures into an 8 minute video easily. And the battery can last for up to two and half months while taking photos at 30 minute intervals.

The Brinno construction camera delivers Brinno proprietary “instant video”, which means you can play the time lapse video on the spot once filming is completed. No big files are needed to transfer, video editing or even post processing are needed, which makes it the most effortless way of recording any construction project.

Brinno is one of the world leaders in image processing and power saving technology, and specializes in producing long lasting battery powered autonomous photography appliances.
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