Increase employee productivity with our mobile tool management system.

Construction companies spread across multiple job sites will no longer need to ask "where is it now?" Tool management startup, WiiN Solutions, LLC, recently developed an app specifically for these companies that allows them to manage their tools within seconds via mobile device.

Industrial grade QR labels and cloud-based inventory allow authorized user to search, locate, request and returns tools within the app. Administrators are able to regulate user access, respond to pending tool requests and manage tool inventory, whether in the field or the office.

Companies can eliminate waste by spending less time searching for tools and less money replacing lost ones. They’ll also be able to improve efficiency by quickly locating and accessing their tools from job sites.

Since the WiiN app is downloaded and accessed on smartphones, no bulky scanners or extra devices are needed to manage tool inventory. Currently, WiiN is available on iOS devices, with Android capability in the testing phase. Pricing is based on inventory size, with monthly and yearly subscription options.

WiiN Solutions, LLC

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