People aren't the only ones facing pressure to be taller and thinner, skyscrapers are also being made to look this way. Building science innovations have allowed for skyscrapers in New York to be among some of the tallest in New York as well as the skinniest. As of now the thinnest is the apartment tower at 432 Park Ave which is 1,396 feet tall and only 93 feet wide.

Ahmad Rahimian, USA Director of Building Structures at WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff, credits a combination of advancement with allowing them to build in this style:

He pointed to high-strength steel and concrete, unavailable a couple of decades ago, which can support higher levels of stress; advances in computing that allows for better modeling and building simulations; and advancements in damping devices, like weights, springs and pendulums which counteract swinging. Damping systems are used in supertall buildings to help control how the structures move with the wind to make it more comfortable for the people inside. 

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