Stockholm has a housing crisis. According to the New York Times:

Swedish rent controls and other housing restrictions in place since the 1960s make it almost impossible for people to lease out apartments to foreign tech workers. And a backlog of new construction means that only 10,000 new homes are expected to be built annually over the next 15 years, though Stockholm’s local government has fast-tracked some new residential developments.

As a result, some innovative designers are coming up with creative alternatives. One such project is SwimCity, recently profiled in a Fast Company slide show. Developed by Belatchew Arkitekte, SwimCity is designed to be environmentally sustainable flexible housing space, built in the water and constructed with 3D printed recycled concrete.

According to Fast Company:

"The sustainable aspect is finding a way of re-using concrete because we have a lot of concrete being produced and a lot of it is going to waste. If we could reuse it, it would be a great benefit for the climate," [the firm's founder] says.

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