In a recent message form Andrew Valente with Jenna Concrete in New York, we learned about Wheresmyconcrete, dispatch and load tracking software for concrete producers and their customers. "I work for a major concrete producer in New York and we use this program for dispatching, billing, and ticketing," he said. "It provides real-time data for dispatch but also brings transparency and service to our customers. Wheresmyconcrete allows customers (concrete contractors) to actually visualize where their concrete is. Their location, their timing, whats in the truck, how far away their trucks are, etc. I've worked with Wheresmyconcrete for a year now and I couldn't ask for a better program for a dispatcher. I've used many other dispatch programs and nothing even comes close to this. Not to mention how much the customers love it. We get positive feedback from our customers every day for this program."

Andrew Valente