Work Zone Cam is introducing innovative software with a quick click-and-drag along the new timeline bar users can access images from any point in time, making it easier than ever to check on jobsite progress!

Auto-generated time-lapse movies can now be played back in slow motion, downloaded directly from the interface or be embedded into a website.

The new Work Zone Cam software interface also offers HTML 5 capabilities so users on Android, iOS and Windows Surface will have a seamless experience. Whether it's a smart TV in a conference room or a hand held device, Work Zone Cam's touch screen capability delivers consistent responsive performance.

Work Zone Cam's timeline construction camera software delivers a powerful framework to support various project initiatives. The unique Software as a Service (SaaS) enables clients to create flexible project dashboards and multiple web pages. Users can seamlessly market their projects online and post images to popular social media outlets. Marketing departments will gain many new desirable benefits, including the ability to create a unique URL for their project, upload custom graphics and produce a professionally-branded website within minutes. These value-added features save time and the expense of requiring additional creative services.


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