You do not have long to get your projects submitted into the 21st Annual Tilt-Up Achievement Awards! Entries are due by Thursday, June 30th. Do not miss this opportunity for a chance to share your project with the industry, be recognized for your achievements, and provide your company with global recognition.

The process for submitting a project for consideration in the 21st Annual Tilt-Up Achievement Awards is easy; just follow these steps:

1. DOWNLOAD and READ the Awards Guidelines.
2. DOWNLOAD, COMPLETE, and SUBMIT a TCA Project Data Sheet.
3. UPLOAD your project images online.
4. REPEAT for each project you would like to submit.

Each individual entry will be charged an entry fee of $150 (US).

Please send payment to the Tilt-Up Concrete Association or contact us at (319) 895-6911 to make payment arrangements. You may also pay online by credit or debit card. You must be logged in as a member to do this.

Contact the TCA with any login issues.