1. Largest Building (footprint): Target Import Warehouse, Savannah, Ga.: 2,029,554 sq ft

2. Largest Building (total floor area): Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa: 3,420,000 sq ft

3. Most Panels in a Single Building: El Paso County Detention Facility, El Paso, Texas: 1310 panels

4. Most Panels in a Single Project: The Gap/Old Navy Distribution Center, Fishkill, N.Y.: 1565 panels

5. Largest Panel: Toho Water Authority Administrative Headquarters, Kissimmee, Fla.: 2950 sq ft

6. Tallest Panel: Lucky Street Garage, Hollywood, Fla.: 96 ft, 9 in.

7. Heaviest Panel: Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Fla.: 339,000 lbs

8. Widest Panel: Voyager Academy Charter School, Durham, N.C.: 82 ft, 10 in.

9. Tallest Cantilever Panel: FAU Innovation Village Apartments, Boca Raton, Fla.: 84 ft, 6 in.

10. Largest Spandrel Panel: Scottsdale Airplane Hanger, Scottsdale, Ariz.: 125 ft

Source: Tilt-Up Concrete Association