The Performance Pyramid is an employee improvement process for coaching any new worker to become a better worker. This entire article is dedicated to training.

You must approach training with a bite-by-bite approach if you are serious about training and retaining good workers. This approach involves three critical efforts.

  • Have a training plan: A training plan identifies skills, the trainer, the time needed, and the monitoring you will use. A logical organization of tools, equipment, and proper documentation for instruction should be part of the plan. A training plan should be simple and individualized for each new employee based on his or her current skill and expertise.
  • Keep it simple: Training should be kept short, clear, and simple. Break your training into short segments of learning. Teaching only a short lesson each session prevents new employees from being overwhelmed. It increases their confidence and makes them more interested in learning the next segment.
  • Teach preparation and process: The most wasteful part of your workday comes from employees not having everything they need to do their work. All workers must learn to prepare for each day. Holding workers accountable in this fashion also builds respect for the importance of preparing for each day.

In today's extremely tight job market we need to make every extra effort to keep the workers we do acquire. Training is the key to keeping workers, yet for many organizations it is also the one item that gets the least amount of attention. Training, like coaching, is never-ending.