When you visit the Artistry Demos, located in the Silver Lot in front of the South Hall, you will have the chance to try out decorative techniques using the latest tool technologies. One of the Tools Demos focuses on engraving—cutting pattern lines in concrete that is 1/16-inch deep. This year attendees have the opportunity to use new lithium ion battery powered grinder technology with a diamond blade cutting wheel. Going cordless offers greater freedom of movement, making this work easeir and more accurate to accomplish.

Along with the opportunity to try out new tools, attendees can get tips from recognized engraving professionals Gerald Taylor and Steven Ochs about improving your engraving technique. You will work on 2x2-foot concrete sidewalk blocks, following creatively worked out pattern lines. At the end of WOC, the work will be given to the Habitat for Humanity to be put to good use.