U.S. Concrete, Inc. today announced its membership in the Regenerative Network (RN), the exclusive, by-invitation-only, national network of leading green building product manufacturers and service providers dedicated to advancing the best green building practices and innovative solutions for the commercial building market. RN facilitates profitable, strategic business relationships between its high-tech green building product manufacturers (Members) and architects, engineers, contractors, real estate developers and portfolio owners (Affiliates). U.S. Concrete joins RN as its exclusive ready-mix concrete supplier.

U.S. Concrete’s membership brings to RN tangible expertise in sustainability practices and a solid track record of reducing carbon footprints through its high-performance, low-CO2, concrete technologies and mix designs (EF Technology). Since 2006, U.S. Concrete and its operating

companies have prevented more than 2 million tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

“We‘re so proud to be invited to join such an action-oriented organization with an impressive group of companies that are committed to the growth of the green building industry,” said Wally Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, U.S. Concrete. "U.S. Concrete recognizes the inherent value in aggressively supporting sustainable construction and green building initiatives through environmentally responsible, high-performance products and operations."

Through its operating companies, U.S. Concrete offers multiple points of service. The company has established USC Technologies, Inc., the U.S. Concrete National Laboratory, to further pursue concrete advancements. Through in-house research and collaboration with academic and industrial institutions, U.S. Concrete is committed to driving the creation of innovative, cost-effective concrete solutions that deliver the highest level of performance.

“The Regenerative Network is committed to accelerating business development for its members by facilitating profitable business relationships with building designers and specifiers. We bring together companies that have demonstrated their commitment to addressing the environmental challenges in the built environment through disruptive technologies,” said Regenerative Network CEO and Founder, David Gottfried. “U.S. Concrete will be an outstanding resource for our members and affiliates – providing them tangible solutions for significantly reducing the embodied energy in their building structure.”