Every month CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION magazine brings its readers a package of information selected to serve their interests. For best use, part of this information requires some response from the reader, sometimes a response that the reader may not know how to make most easily or effectively. At various places in the magazine the reader is offered an opportunity to request that additional information be supplied to him. The simplest way to enter a request is to use the reader inquiry card which is found at the back of every issue. For example, if a manager at a construction firm wanted more information about an old article he would circle say 101 on the card. Likewise he could circle 116 and 147 indicating he wants more information on say an advertised joint forming material and an advertised releasing agent. The appropriate people would then send him the information. Answers to puzzling questions that arise on the job or in the design office can often be obtained form CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION. Questions should be submitted by mail. Answers are provided by CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION'S own staff, the technical staff of Portland Cement Association or other knowledgeable people. CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION also stocks a collection of books selected for their interest to contractors, architects, engineers, and other concerned with concrete technology. A catalog of the publications is available by circling the reader response card.