It is no surprise to anyone that our nation’s infrastructure is crumbling. With this year marking the ten year anniversary since Hurricane Katrina wrecked havoc, attention is being drawn for how our nation’s infrastructure can prepare for natural disasters. 

According to the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) rates America’s GPA as 1.3, equivalent to a grade of D+ when it comes to the state of the nation’s infrastructure. Comprised of over 30 groups, the Smarter-Safer Coalition released an April 2015 report that says the U.S. meeds to start spending more money on infrastructure protection and pre-disaster projects. This, as suggested, would be instead of “wasting so much money rebuilding after an emergency happens.” 

The ASCE says it would take more than $3.5 trillion to upgrade all U.S. infrastructure to decent working order by 2020. That figure grows when you add disasters, waste, fraud and inflation. And it seems most policymakers take a stand on the issue only after being hit hard by an emergency like a hurricane. 

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