Concrete contractors who run a profitable business operate according to certain principles. One, he knows his business. He recognizes his own limits and doesn't bid on jobs he can't handle. At the same time, he tries to measure his potential for growth buy buying new equipment and taking on a variety of jobs. Two, he works efficiently. He always does a careful cost estimate before bidding and once the job is his, he looks for ways to speed production or cut cost. Third, no job is to small. A small job competently handled can mean leads to new and bigger jobs. Fourth, he builds business by earning the respect and confidence of his customers. Fifth, he stays in contact with his office, even if he is on the job site, so he can act fast on any good bids. Sixth, he's specific especially on prices. Seventh, he asks for the job. Many a contractor has lost the job after a bid simply because he failed to follow up with a direct inquiry.