Monday, Jan. 23, 2012, 9:00 am—12:00 pm

Located in Concrete Construction’s How-To Zone, Silver Lot, front of South Hall.

$125 by 12/8/11; $155 after 12/8/11 and onsite
This session is not part of the WOC Seminar program, and therefore not approved  for continuing education hours.

Concrete stenciling has grown up. The multi-layer, registration-aligned vinyl stencil makes possible an unprecedented level of precision for multi-color designs. Along with advances in dye materials and application techniques, this technology has brought dyed, polished concrete into the realm of commercial art. This educational event will explore the use of stencils and solvent-based dyes, with a special focus on the technique of color alignment using registration marks. The instructor will explain the entire stenciling process, including surface preparation, stencil usage and dye application, and additional tips and tricks such as creating shadows to give added dimension.
This session will also include the live application of a 3-dimensional design on concrete.
The instructor, Rachel Bruce, is an expert in multi-layer stencils for dyeing concrete. A graphic design veteran of 15 years, Ms. Bruce expanded her horizons into decorative concrete in 2008. Her company, Floor Map Designs, designs and applies complex stencils for placing graphic art into the surface of concrete.