The Concrete Slabs Showcase will take place during show hours in the Gold Parking Lot. The event will feature several examples of the newest techniques contractors can use to form, place, treat, or repair concrete on flatwork applications such slab on grade, elevated floors and pavements. Register for World of Concrete 2016.

Creating a High-Gloss Concrete Slab without Polishing

In recent years, there has been research on how to efficiently create a polished concrete floor. One innovation has been to combine placing, power-troweling, and curing to create a serviceable, durable, and flat polished surface with equipment most concrete contractors already own — without a polishing machine. This demonstration, which will take place twice each day, will show how concrete contractors can begin to refine a slab’s surface during initial placement and take it to completion. Sponsored by Multiquip.

ACI Guide to Floor and Slab Construction – Following these recommendations will result in perfect floors.

How to Use a Roller Screed on a Curve

Placing concrete on a curve with a large radius can be difficult. Contractors often add finishers for the placement process to keep at the desired production rate. Using a roller screed can minimize crew size without sacrificing efficiency and helps ensure that the fresh concrete is struck off with minimum working. This demonstration will teach contractors to do more with less. Sponsored by Lura Enterprises.

Then and Now – Find out what has changed with roller-compacted concrete in the past 28 years.

Using a Screed Support System to Strike-Off Slabs

Meeting flatness and levelness requirements can be difficult on concrete slabs. During this demonstration, contractors will learn how to use a screed support system that makes screeding not only go faster, but helps the finisher place a better surface. This event will be in combination with the How to Use a Roller Screed on a Curve demonstration. Attendees will learn how to establish grade for a pipe screed rail, and how a screed rail system increases productivity. Sponsored by MAKO products.

Using different types of screeds - To choose the right equipment, you need to consider the size of the project, the degree of flatness and levelness required for the finished slab, and the properties of the concrete being placed, as well as other factors.

How to Use Vibration to Smooth Concrete Surfaces

Using a special tool that combines common finishing techniques with the benefits of external vibration, concrete contractors can efficiently level concrete slabs. This compact, lightweight cordless vibrating unit easily interchanges with most finishing tools, including edgers, screeds, bull-floats, jointers, and fresnos. Daily demonstrations at 1:30 pm. Sponsored by Rattle Stick.

Using vibration tools in concrete construction – Mechanical vibration is used to consolidate fresh concrete, eliminating pockets of air so the mixture can fill all the available space within the form and bond well to reinforcing steel.

How to Restore a Decorative Concrete Slab Surface

Removing discolored or flaking acrylic sealers from decorative concrete surfaces can be difficult. In this demonstration, contractors will learn about a new repair procedure that removes the sealer without damaging the hardened concrete. This simple blanket removal system is rolled on and then allows the acrylic sealers to be peeled off to reveal a surface ready for a new decorative treatment. Sponsored by Nox-Crete Products Group.

Decorative Concrete Repair – Making simple repairs saved this stamped concrete project from becoming a costly nightmare.

Here are two projects that used decorative concrete:

  • Loop Link: The $31.8 million Chicago Loop Link project will improve traffic flow with dedicated lanes for buses and cars, and protected lanes for bicyclists and pedestrians.
  • Mehaffey Park: When plans for a $10.5 million, 69-acre community park in Loveland, Colo. came together, no one would have predicted that concrete would take center stage to tie it all together.

How to Efficiently Install an Effective Vapor Barrier

Vapor barriers are a key element in a slab-on-ground detail for moisture control. When properly installed, vapor barriers contribute to the quality of the slab and its service life. Attendees who participate in this demonstration will learn about the current industry standards regarding this construction material and how to properly install a vapor barrier. Sponsored by Stego Industries.

Vapor Barriers - The position of the vapor-retarding membrane under a slab has long been the subject of research and conjecture.