I just registered online for next year’s World of Concrete, my wife has already booked our flights, and I’m pumped about the two of us going together to Vegas in January! With just a few months to go before the big event, here are several reasons, a Top 10 so to say, why you should make plans to go to the WOC too.

There's lots to see at the outdoor exhibit space at World of Concrete.
WOC There's lots to see at the outdoor exhibit space at World of Concrete.

10. World of Concrete is in Las Vegas (enough said on that point!).
9. The event is family-friendly. My wife accompanied me last February, and she enjoyed the WOC as much as I did. I saw several families walking around the convention center with young kids in strollers, as well parents with their teenagers. There is something for the whole family, from the trips to tour the Hoover Dam, to the many events at the convention center and outdoor lots, there’s something for all ages to experience.
8. WOC uniquely presents various opportunities to network with people in the industry. In fact, people who regularly attend might say this is the top reason to go. What could be better than finding more opportunities at networking?
7. All the latest technologies, innovations, and methods we crave to know more about in concrete will all be displayed, with some revealed for the first time. If you want to be on the cutting edge of our industry, then this point should guide you like a laser level straight to Vegas!
6. The outside lots have a multitude of fascinating demonstrations and competitions. From decorative concrete experts to heavy equipment obstacle courses, the lots host several interesting events.
5. You can meet the Concrete Construction staff, ACI leaders, and other influential voices in our industry. There will be several professional associations represented and I promise you won’t regret visiting their booths.
4. There are so many free giveaways! From tee-shirts to backpacks, from pens to coffee cups, if an exhibitor can help spread the word about what their company is all about, companies want you to spread their word with their promotional products. And before you think this one is too cheesy, consider bringing an extra carry-on piece of luggage, We filled an entire bag with “concrete swag” last year.
3. The educational sessions are extremely valuable. The topics cover a spectrum of interests, and several certifications are available. You can go to a Breakfast with the Experts, attend a leadership seminar, learn more about jobsite efficiency, or increase your estimating skills. There will be sessions on recruiting and retaining good help, and so much more.
2. There are hundreds of booths, exhibitions, and vendors from every corner of our industry. From commercial to residential, from heavy-duty equipment to ready-mix trucks, from forming systems to pumps, and from admixtures to every tool imaginable, and everything in-between, you’ll find nearly every available products and services known to our industry.
1. This is your opportunity to be fully immersed in the one industry that contributes more to civilization than any other single trade. Concrete is the second most consumed commodity, second only to water; we have built the platform that our modern society rests on, and our essential work isn’t completed yet. We need the WOC to unite us, to inform us, to inspire us, and to equip us to accomplish even more work in the future. I hope you’ll make plans to attend in 2017.

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