On Center Software introduced Oasis, a first for the construction industry. A new generation of construction professionals demands a turnkey solution to meet the industry’s rapidly growing needs, and Oasis has answered the call with the first step toward a cloud based end-to-end solution for the entire construction lifecycle.

True multi-tenant and service oriented cloud software brings many benefits to the construction world -- disaster recovery, lower cost of ownership, and greater flexibility to adapt to changes in the business. The Oasis Platform is the foundation for seamless integration for applications across the construction project lifecycle, with robust security and data storage capabilities. The platform initially supports several cloud applications: Oasis Takeoff and Oasis FieldCenter are the first two being launched.

“Collaboration, mobility, access to critical data from anywhere. This is what today’s construction professionals need to be successful,” says Robert Bonavito, chairman of the board at On Center Software. The Platform is architected with standard integration capabilities that will enable companies, over time, to choose best of breed software applications, and customize their individual workflows without spending the time and money to do one-off integrations. Learn more about the Oasis Platform.