This year’s World of Concrete boasted one of the show’s largest crowds, all hungry for innovations, demonstrations, and most importantly, knowledge.

There is no better place to tap into the knowledge of industry experts than at the various educational sessions offered at World of Concrete. This year, Hanley Wood’s Commercial Construction publications – Concrete Construction, The Concrete Producer, and Concrete Surfaces magazines – hosted seven events that gave concrete professionals exclusive access to industry influencers, and some of the show’s best networking opportunities.

Here’s a recap of what was discussed at the various breakfasts, luncheons, forums, and presentation.

SCC Today Presentation & Forum

EFCO Corp.

For architectural concrete, congested reinforcement, and complex formwork, self-consolidating concrete (SCC) is often the best material to use to produce quality structures and surfaces. This was the consensus of this sold-out session. “SCC is necessary on many of the increasingly ambitious architectural projects we see,” said Megan Lenz, senior design engineer with Leslie E. Robertson Associates in New York. Euclid Chemical’s Bill Phelan, who organized and led SCC Today, noted that SCC lowers labor costs and increases safety by requiring fewer workers and eliminating vibrators, which can cause white finger syndrome.

SCC Today had a battery of speakers representing all aspects of a project. Here are a few points raised during this session:

  • One should never vibrate self-consolidating concrete since that could lead to segregation. — Kamal Khayat, Missouri S&T University
  • At the preconstruction meeting, don’t just invite the superintendent, but also invite the field leadership (foremen). — Tony Martin, J&A Concrete
  • Always have some extra high-range water reducer and viscosity-modifying admixture onsite in case a truck gets delayed or to handle unexpected weather conditions. — Raul Herrera, Jenna Concrete Corp.
  • For projects using self-consolidating concrete, hold preconstruction meetings and build mock-ups earlier since there is a high possibility that the architect won’t like the first one. — Bill Phelan, Euclid Chemical

As part of SCC Today, 11 posters were produced on recent SCC projects in North America. Each poster includes photos of the project, the project team members, and the mix design for the SCC on the job.

The entire slide show for all of the speakers can be viewed here in Part I and Part II.


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